Sofas & Armchairs

What you look forward to after a hectic or stressful day is your sofa…Our models bring together luxurious design, high quality and SUPREME COMFORT with a variety of materials from velvet to real leather, polyester to textured fabric and microfiber to Aquaclean® fabric. Seats can be slide for an extended shape or you could also relax with recliners. Whether it is headrests and high or cushioned backs, you are LOUNGING IN LEISURE with us.
Our models are fixed or modular so that you can CREATE THE COMBINATION you need- a corner for limited space, a chaise for greater lounging, a two or three-seater for added seat options. We advise you to splurge here for theEXPENSIVE LOOK and feel. Sofas for office use or waiting areas are also available.